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Jersey and its German Prisoners of War

The Camp after the War

While investigations are currently in progress to confirm the following details, it would appear that following the departure of the Germans, the Camp was closed in 1919 and those huts that were serviceable were almost immediately auctioned off to the "private sector", while those found to be in a poor condition were destroyed. It would appear that at least one hut was still surviving at La Moye approximately some 20 years ago, being used as a storage shed on a farm.

The Camp Area Today

A number of the more substantial items of construction remained, however, and are still in existence today. A range of colour photographs taken by Heather Morton the Senior Librarian at the Jersey Library in Halkett Place, St. Helier show some of the block outlines and the structures still in place.

This is an overview of the site taken from the top of the WW2 German bunker at the airport end of the dunes along the road from Mont a la Brune going towards Le Braye slipway.

The view is similar to the photograph in the Société's report of the Camp. The resident "man for scale and location" is standing just inside one of the foundation areas of a hut. It is possible from this height to get an impression of other similar sized rectangles in the grass. This hut is possibly the Guard Block or the Staff Quarters.

Le Braye camp

Le Braye camp

A slightly closer view of the previous photograph

Le Braye camp

This hut appears to have cubicles, and could perhaps have been a wash house, or store area.

Le Braye camp

Parallel to the hut in the picture (above right), this hut has a bitumen floor and is possibly either a canteen area or a kitchen.

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