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Le Gall, J M

Tower Hill Mercantile Marine Memorial

Tower Hill Mercantile Marine Memorial, London


Jean Marie Le Gall

Sailor Jean Marie Le Gall
Mercantile Marine. S.S. "Earl of Forfar" (Glasgow)

Possibly son of Yves Le Gall of 8 Park St., St Peter Port, or son of Marie S Le Quintuil of York Hill, Alderney. French born.

Died, aged 31 years.


Commonwealth War Graves Commission Record

An extract from the London Gazette dated 5th Feb., 1918, records the following:

"On the 8th November, 1916, a series of fires and explosions occurred at Bakaritsa, Port of Archangel. After the merchant ships had been got away from the wharves, cries and moans were heard from the direction of a 100-ton floating crane moored between the S.S." Earl of Forfar "and the quay. The " Earl of Forfar " was on fire fore and aft, and it was obvious that any attempt to save life must be accompanied by the greatest risk, the ship having explosives on board and the quay abreast it burning furiously with intermittent explosions from small arms ammunition."