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Aubin, A C

Lokoja Memorial, Nigeria

Lokoja Memorial, Nigeria

Commemorated on family memorial in St Saviour's Cemetery, Jersey
Commemorated on St Mark's Church Memorial, Jersey

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Friday 4 September 1914

Another Jersey Officer Missing. Yesterday Mr A J Aubin, the Manager of the London City and Midland Bank, received a telegram from the War Office stating that his son Captain A C Aubin of the South Lancashire Regiment who is at present serving with the West African Frontier Force is among the missing. The telegram however also conveyed the cheering information that this does not necessarily mean that Captain Aubin is among the killed and may have been taken prisoner by the enemy. Captain Aubin who is the only son of Mr & Mrs A J Aubin is some 35 years of age. He served through the South African War with the South Lancashires and some 4 years or so ago accepted service with the West African Frontier Force and was serving in Nigeria. The Force has evidently seen service against the Germans on the borders of Nigeria where there has been a series of engagements with the enemy. We trust that within a few days more reassuring news will have been received by Mr & Mrs Aubin to whom we would offer our sincere sympathy in their terrible anxiety.

Family Memorial in St Saviour's churchyard



Captain Alfred Charles Aubin
East Lancashire Regiment - attd. 2nd, Nigeria Regiment, W.A.F.F.

1914-15 Star

Only son of Mr A J Aubin.

Killed in action, aged 35 years, in Garua in the Cameroons

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Monday 7 September 1914

Captain A C Aubin. The following is the wording of a telegram received on Saturday evening by Mr & Mrs A J Aubin from the Under Secretary of the Colonial Office in reply to a request for further news regarding their son Captain A C Aubin of the South Lancashire Regiment who was reported missing "Regret impossible to give further information at present except that casualty occurred in connection with reconnaissance near eastern frontier of Nigeria".

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Wednesday 30 September 1914

Death of Captain A C Aubin. We hear with very deep regret that Mr & Mrs A J Aubin have received news from the Colonial Office which make it certain that their son Captain A C Aubin of the South Lancashire Regiment who had been reported missing in Nigeria some time since is dead. We offer our very sincere sympathy to the bereaved parents. The flag at the Victoria Club is flying at half mast today in a tribute of respect to the deceased officer who was a member.

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Thursday 1 October 1914

The Late Captain A C Aubin. The following message of sympathy has been received from Their Majesties the King & Queen by Mr A J Aubin who two days ago received definite news of the death of his son, Captain A C Aubin in Nigeria "OHMS - Buckingham Palace - 30 September 1914. The King & Queen deeply regret the loss you and the Army have sustained in the death of your son in the service of the Country. Their Majesties truly sympathise with you in your sorrow"

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Monday 7 December 1914

The Late Captain A C Aubin - How He Died. The Times of Saturday reproduces from the African World a letter describing an incident in the campaign in the Cameroons of which no official account has been issued. It contains the following reference to the late Captain A C Aubin "there is little doubt that Colonel P McLear and Captain A C Aubin were both killed at Garua. As a matter of fact both these officers were passed on their way to camp by Lt Fowle of the Hampshires, but it was not possible for this officer to be of any assistance. Here is a brave fellow though if you like, Fowle, after reaching the camp said to the other men there "look here you fellows I am not going to leave Aubin to die in the bush" and he jumped on his pony and went towards Garua once more, he luckily came back safely but could not find any trace of his colleague. It is only fair to the Germans to state that they later sent in the ring Aubin had on his hand.


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