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Barter, H J

Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery, Iraq

Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery, Iraq

Notice of Death appears in Jersey Evening Post of Monday 31 July 1916

Commemorated on Haut de la Garenne Memorials, Jersey

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Monday 31 July 1916

The many friends and acquaintances of Henry John Barter late of Submarine E15, which was captured by the Turks, will regret to hear that he has been accidentally drowned in Turkey whilst going on a journey. The sailor was 28 and was the son of the late Mr H J Barter and Mrs Barter of Bellozanne Farm. Official news has been received from the Admiralty but the following letter from a Petty Officer who was present gives full details. It reads

"Turkey. 15 May 1916. Dear Mrs Barter, Very much regret to inform you that your son, Henry John late of Submarine E15, was accidentally drowned on the afternoon of 11 May 1916. He was, with three comrades, proceeding to-----. To do this they had to cross the river which at this spot is about 9 feet wide and flowing extremely fast and studded with rocks and stones. Henry being first took off his boots and socks and stepped on a small plank which had been thrown across from stone to stone, he slipped and was immediately carried away by the current, his comrades could do nothing for him. We saw him for a distance of 100 yards and then he disappeared. The river was afterwards searched for a considerable distance but up to the present the body has not been found. All the prisoners of war here wish me to convey to you their deepest sympathy and respect in your great grief. Yours sincerely,
P O Submarine E7".

We also offer the family our sincere sympathy.

Able Seaman Henry John Barter
Royal Navy. HM Submarine E15

1914-15 Star

Son of Mr & Mrs Henry John Barter of Bellozanne Farm, Jersey.

Accidentally drowned whilst a Prisoner of War, aged 28 years.

HM Submarine E15 following capture

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Thursday 17 August 1916

The Late F Igo and Harry Barter. Letter to The Editor "Sir, I was very pleased to receive the Jersey Weekly Post dated 5 August after leaving the trenches, but sorry indeed to read the sad news of Fred Igo and Harry Barter, both having been school chums with me under Mr Gavey. Please be good enough to extend my sympathies through the medium of your paper to all their friends and relatives. Had I the time to spare I would give an account of life in this the greatest battle yet in progress, especially the part of the line that we have just left, which has been described in one paper as the hottest part of the line. We have left a lot of the boys there who have made the supreme sacrifice with a good heart. Jersey can be proud of the part that her boys played in this war and can always rely on them ever willing to fill the gaps made by those who have done their bit. May God grant that this war will soon come to a victorious end and that we may return to our homes and pleasures. Thanking you very much for your kindness.

Yours truly,
92nd Royal Fusiliers attached 99th Machine Gun Corps, France.


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