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Buhot, F A B



Matelot, 3rd Class François Auguste Bienaimé Buhot
French Navy

Born at Jersey 15/07/1893. Son of French subjects Bienaimé Buhot & Marie Buhot. They were living at Holy Trinity, Guernsey in 1901

He married Palmyre Victorine Ryssael on 11/01/1916 at Saint Pol Sur Mer, Dunkerque

Died by drowning night of 22/23 Aug 1917, falling into harbour at Dunkerque. Death report states he disappeared 22 Aug 1917, body retrieved in the harbour at Dunkerque 25 Aug 1917

Died whilst in service, aged 24 years.

His name appears on a memorial inside Saint-Pol-sur-Mer - St-Benoit parish church


As he died in Dunkerque then it is possible he is buried in a local cemetery rather than the military cemetery.