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HM Submarine E-3

Submarine E3 had been detailed to patrol off the Island of Borkum in the North Sea. However Submarine E3 was sighted, whilst on the surface, by the German U-Boat U-27. The Commander of U-27 fired his torpedoes and sank E3. It is reported that four of the crew were seen in the water after the Submarine sank but the Commander of U-27 (Lieutenant Commander Bernhard Wegener) was unwilling to close the area to make a rescue as he was concerned that there was another British Submarine in the area. When he finally closed the area of the sinking all four had vanished. As a result all of the crew of Submarine E3 died in the sinking.

Stanley Vernon Coutanche

Leading Seaman Stanley Vernon Coutanche
Royal Navy, HMS Submarine E3

1914-15 Star




Son of Francis John and Susan Mary Coutanche, of 1 Langley Cottage, Poonah Road, St Helier, Jersey. Educated at OW National School and a member of the Rechebites. In the Navy for 10 years prior to his death.

Killed in action, aged 26 years


The first submarine loss of the Great War



Courtesy of the Barrow Submariners Association