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De Gruchy, S W

Snowdon William De Gruchy volunteered for the army and enlisted in Jersey on 16th August, 1915 aged 28 years 1 month, being sent to the 21st Battalion, Middlesex Regiment, having previously married Eleanor Phillips on 3rd July, 1915 in Jersey.

At that stage he was considered “Fit for General Service” by Colonel P Bentlif. However, it appears that his military service would not last long, 127 days in fact, when he was discharged prematurely on 20th December, 1915 under the terms of paragraph 392 (iii) (cc) of King’s Regulations where clause (iii) states “Not being likely to become an efficient soldier” and clause (cc) states:

“Recruits with more than three months service considered unfit for further military service”.

There is no indication (as at 30th October, 2008) that he rejoined later, nor that his reported death on 8th October, 1918 was linked to his military service, however, this continues to be subject to further investigation.

Mrs De Gruchy would appear to be living at The Folly, Over Ross Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire a month after Snowdon enlisted, along with her son William Henry Phillips who had been born in Ross-on-Wye on 18th May, 1912.