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Jacquette, L

Military square [Cherbourg-Octeville]

Carré militaire 'CHERBOURG' [Cherbourg-Octeville]

Matelot 3rd Class Lucien Jacquette
Matelot 3rd Class Marin-sans speciale (attached to the Depot des Equipage de la Flotte )

Born 13 Aug 1889 Mesnil-Raoult, Manche
Son of Paul Jacquette and Louise Letouze


He died 2 Nov 1918 in Hospital in Cherbourg-Octeville of Broncho-pneumonia-influenza contracted in service.
He gave a Jersey address as Ville au Bas, St Laurent. His death info was sent to the French Consul in Jersey.

Died, aged 29 years

Remembered on the French Consulate Memorial, St Thomas, Jersey


Courtesy of Lara Pollard