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Le Feuvre, W F

Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery

Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery, Belgium

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Saturday 27 February 1915

Presentation to a Volunteer. On Wednesday evening last Mr W F Le Feuvre, who for the last 10 years has been employed by Mr L Sangan at David Place, was presented by his employer and fellow workers with a luminous wristlet watch on the occasion of his approaching departure as a member of the Volunteer Overseas Contingent. The ceremony was preformed by Mr Sangan and Mr Le Feuvre suitably replied.

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Tuesday 14 March 1916

Sick Jersey Soldiers. No further news has been received as to the condition of the Jersey soldiers Rifleman de la Lande, W Manley, Bert Smith and Lance Corporal Le Feuvre now in hospital

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Saturday 16 September 1916

More Casualties in the Royal Irish Rifles. The list of casualties in the Jersey Contingent which we have published during the last few days and from names which still continue to come through show that the gallant Jerseys were in the thick of the fighting in the Great Push. One of these, Rifleman W F Le Feuvre, has been slightly wounded.

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Wednesday 30 May 1917

Roll of Honour. The mother of Lance Corporal W F Le Feuvre of the original Jersey Company Royal Irish Rifles, who resides at 14 Ann Street, has received the sad news that her son was killed in action on the night of 22 May. Lance Corporal Le Feuvre, who was employed as a tailor in Jersey, served in the Medical Company RMIJ and volunteering left the Island with the original Jersey Company. On arrival in France he was appointed Company Stretcher Bearer and Lieutenant J Craig, the officer commanding the Company, states that he was doing his duty in the front line, dressing the wounded, when he was killed. The officer also states "I have known him since he came to this Battalion and his bravery and cheerfulness were always a great help and his loss is an irreparable one to the Company". The Chaplain of 113th Field Ambulance also writes "I can in some measure understand what this sad news must mean to you - it means much to those who knew him in the Battalion. Always he was brave, straight and noble, one who won the admiration of both officers and men, we can thank God for his fine Christian character which was a help and
remains an influence for good with us". To his mother (Mrs Cardy) and the other relatives we tender our heartfelt sympathy.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Record

William Frederick Le Feuvre

Lance Corporal William Frederick Le Feuvre
7th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles

1914-15 Star

The son of Frederick and Mary, of Ann Street, St Helier. His brother Albert also served with the Jersey Company.

Killed in action, aged 31 years.

He served as a medic and stretcher-bearer, taking a course in the latter during June 1915. In the fighting at Guillemont and Ginchy in September 1916, he was slightly wounded. Back in active service by the start of 1917, he was awarded a Divisional Parchment for bravery in March. In May, he was killed in action while tending wounded returning from a trench raid.


Notice of Death appears in Jersey Evening Post of Wednesday 30 May 1917


NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Thursday 31 May 1917

The Late Lance Corporal W Le Feuvre. The Headmaster of the Jersey Home for Boys writes "As reported in your columns last week one of our Old Boys, Lance Corporal W Le Feuvre of the Jersey Company Royal Irish Rifles, has been killed in action whilst dressing the wounded. It was only last month that he received the Parchment signed by his Divisional Commander for gallant conduct and devotion to duty in March and now he has made the supreme sacrifice. The Headmaster and staff thoroughly endorse the remarks made on his high character by his officers and especially those of the Chaplain. We too mourn his loss and to show our respect to his memory the flag today is being flown at half-mast".

Commemorated on Haut de la Garenne Memorial and
on New Street School Memorial, Jersey