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Loader, C A E

Dar es Salaam (Upanga Road) Cemetery

Dar es Salaam (Upanga Road) Cemetery, Tanzania



Commonwealth War Graves Commission Record



Able Seaman Claude Alexander Edgar Loader
Royal Navy. HMS Challenger

Son of Captain Alfred Edgar Loader (ASC) & Mrs Bridget Loader.
Served in Somaliland Expedition 1908-1910 and Persian Gulf 1909-14.
One of two brothers who both fell. Brother of Private Percy Augustus Loader.

Died of influenza, aged 28

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Monday 9 November 1914

A Jack Tar's Experience. Claude Loader of HMS Mermaid arrived in the Island yesterday morning. He states that his vessel was on patrol duty on the Belgian coast during the bombardment of the German trenches between Ostend and Neiuport and gives a vivid description of his experiences, stating that the "blue jacket" is having a fairly rough time of it, rendered all the more tedious by the fact that theirs is a waiting and watching game. He added that all the men were anxious to get to grips with the Germans so as to settle once and for all the question of Naval supremacy. AB Loader was very sanguine about the ultimate result of the battle and added that it would be much more interesting for all concerned if they could only induce the German Navy to come out. With reference to the fighting proper, the subject of our interviewee stated that they were several times shelled by the German shore batteries, but the shells either fell short or went well over the vessel. The Falcon, a sister ship, was struck several times and had to return to England for repairs. Whilst on the way home the Mermaid fouled a mine searcher and sustained damage to her stern and as this necessitated her being docked for repairs the crew were allowed leave for a few days. Seaman Loader, who wears the Somaliland Medal hopes to have a chance of meeting the Germans in a fair and square fight.

NEWS ITEM in Jersey Evening Post of Friday 21 March 1919

Another Sad Death. The many friends of Claude Alexander Loader of HMS Challenger, who served through the Battle of Jutland and other engagements, will learn with regret that whilst homeward bound he was seized with influenza and passed away a few days later.