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Mauger, O J

Nécrepole nationale de "VIGNEMONT", Oise

Nécrepole nationale de "VIGNEMONT", Oise

Injured June 7, 1915 at Neuville - 36e RI
Injured 26 Sep 1915 at Bois de la Folie - was evacuated for wounds by shards of grenade on the face, internal left thigh and left knee, a little consecutive functional discomfort.- 36e RI

From Order No 935 on April 30, 1918: “Very courageous
soldier twice wounded was killed at his combat post the 30
March, 1918”
- 36e RI


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Octave Joseph Mauger

Soldat Octave Joseph Mauger
36e Regiment d’infanterie, French Army

Born in 1894 at Sourdeval, Manche. The son of Octave Paul Mauger & Julie Angelina Fortin (lived in Neuville,

Attended Notre Dame de Bon Secours de Jersey

Killed in action at Plessis-de-Roye, Oise, aged 24 years


Courtesy of Lara Pollard