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In April 1917 the States of Jersey instituted a War Roll Committee to oversee the compilation of a Roll of Honour and Service commemorating all those Jerseymen who served, and in many cases died, in the Great War as part of the then British Empire's contribution. This task was largely devolved onto the late Ralph Mollet, and was undoubtedly sizeable for three reasons.

First, there was the number of entries that were included, these totalling over 6,500 - a large number when it is considered that there was nothing in the way of Information Technology as we know it today to ease that workload. Secondly, Jerseymen and Jersey's residents were to be found in all arms of the British armed forces and those of the dominions, the Mercantile Marine, and also, in the service of Britain's allies, particularly France where some 2,500 men left Jersey to serve in that country's service. With such a number spread over the globe, the task of compilation depended on families at home and overseas providing information to supplement that which was provided by the military authorities and the press. Thirdly, there was a need to produce the Roll as a publication, and this was achieved during the last quarter of 1919.

In addition to the names listed of those men who served and died, Jersey's Roll of Honour and Service contained a number of topics related to the impact of the Great War upon the island. With only some minor presentational changes, these have been reproduced and can be accessed as follows:

9. Jersey Roll of Honour. - Members only. A downloadable Excel speadsheet. This is still being added to.
10. Jesuits of Maison St Louis and the students from their school, Notre Dame de Bon Secours de Jersey, who died during the Great War
11. Not Commemorated - Names excluded from the Roll of Honour

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