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Jersey Roll of Honour 1919
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Following a very kind request from the Committee, charged with establishing the Roll of Honour of those Jersey residents who died in the Great War, to write some lines as a Preface for an opuscule destined to commemorate the memory of the Frenchmen who were mobilised in Jersey and who fell on the Field of Honour during 1914-1918, I hasten to accede to the desire that they expressed, in so doing expressing my sympathetic yet strong congratulations for the excellent idea with which the Committee has been associated with, to remember with gratitude, both French, and Anglo-Jersey heroes, victims of a very noble cause.

May future generations maintain the same sentiments of a pious and profound remembrance towards our soldiers who died to ensure world Peace. The impression of the spontaneous enthusiasm shown at the French mobilisation in Jersey, at the declaration of war, shall remain forever engraved in the memory of those who were there to witness it. It was a magnificent surge of patriotism and self-denial that did not cease until the Victory was achieved.
Thanks to the heroic valour of the Allied Forces, the charming and hospitable Island of Jersey could keep its serenity in the middle of torment, during those anxious days.

Glory to our valiant French and Anglo-Jersey heroes of the Great War

French Consul

French Vice-Consulate,
Channel Islands
Jersey, November 1919




This Roll comprises 131 names. In addition, the names of 52 members of the Jesuit Order who were at Maison St Louis and 81 former pupils of Notre Dame de Bons Secours School (Highlands) must be added, making a total of 264 names.

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