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The Channel Islands and the Great War
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Missing Guernsey Names

"List of those still doubtful"

In 1926 The Committee of the Island War Memorial met and decided to include in the list, names of those who had died as a result of war service up to five years after the signing of the Armistice.

At that time, they had accepted 877 but there were many about who they had insufficient information or of whom no trace could be found.

"The Committee are intensely desirous that no name of a soldier or sailor with sound claim for inclusion should be omitted, and that they request that anyone capable of providing information about any of the names below, or of others whose names have not appeared in any previously published list and who have died within five years after the Armistice as a result of war service, should send full particulars to........... by 14th May next."

They obviously did receive information about some, as they appear on the memorial, but many are still missing. The full list is shown below. We now have information about many of them but would welcome more.

List of names