Jersey Flag
The Channel Islands and the Great War
Guernsey Flag

St Stephens Memorial

Names on the Memorial

In Memorial order - Great War only

Angel, William
Ayres, John
Bell, F D B
Barney, M M
Brehaut, S
Cochrane, W D
Cochrane, H C
Croucher, John
Davey, William
Davis, Alfred, T
Dodd, George
Draper, Cecil
Fulton, Cecil J
Godden, Ernest
Hayes, James
James, Leonard
Johns, Frank D
Jones, William
Kaines, George W
Lacey, Ernest L
Le Gallez, Hillary
Le Ruez, Francis H
McCrea, Frank D
Ozanne, Cyril
Pearce, Harold F
Pearce, Charles
Philpott, Fredk. C
Pike, Thomas
Quigley, Robert
Robilliard, Wm. Le B
Smith Charles J
Sweetland, Rupert G
Tapp, Frederick
Ogier, Wilfred