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Couanet, E R J

Nécropole nationale "MONTDIDIER", Montdidier, Somme

Nécropole nationale "MONTDIDIER", Montdidier, Somme

Religious Oblate of Mary Immaculate– first vows 1913 at Thy-le Chateau, Belgium
Military service record indicates he was a student living in St Helier, Jersey prior to enlistment.
(Also recorded as Brother Stephanus Couanet in Oblate death records)

Remembered on:
Memorial Plaque in the Church at Beaufort-en-Vallee
French Consular WW1 Honour Board, now located in St Thomas’ Church St Helier Jersey


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Soldat 2nd Classe Etienne René Joseph Couanet
Soldat 2nd Class, 66e Regiment d’Infanterie

Medal Militaire (posthume)
Croix de guerre with bronze star


Matricule au recrutement: #420, Angers, Class 1915
Incorporated 32e RI 9 Jan 1915
Passed to 66e RI 10 Sep 1916

Born on 01/04/1897 at Beaufort-en-Vallee, Maine-et-Loire
Son of Louis Auguste Couanet & Anne Dohin

Killed in Action on 11/06/1918 at Hemevillers, Gournay-sur-Aronde, Oise, aged 21 years

Citation: By Order of the Regiment 30 May 1917: “On May 8, 1917, did
not hesitate to go and repair the telephone lines, despite the
intensity of the bombardment and the bursts of enemy machine
gun bullets. Courageous telephone soldier.”

Courtesy of Lara Pollard