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de Gailhard-Bancel, M J R A

Allex, Drome, France

Born in 1887 at Marseilles, France. The son of Marie Roch Henry Hyacinthe de Gailhard-Bancel and Marie Jeanee Alexandrine Bergasse. One of five brothers who fought and of whom three lost their lives

Killed in action, aged 27 years


François Jean Marie Daun

Sous Lieutenant Marie Joseph Roche André de Gailhard-Bancel
252nd Regiment, French Infantry


Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur
Croix de Guerre
avec etoile d'argent


French Death record

Mort pour la France


An account of André de Gailhard-Bancel and his family
© Barrie H Bertram 2012

An account of André de Gailhard-Bancel and his family
© Lara Pollard 2020

Commemorated on:
French Consulate Memorial (St Thomas), Jersey

Sous Lieutenant Marie Joseph Roche André de Gailhard-Bancel was a Jesuit Scholastic (he was a Jesuit cleric who had not taken his final vows so was not officially a priest). He was resident in Jersey in 1914.

He was in the novitiat at Jersey and also studied in Bollengo in Turin Italy. He was a Jesuite student (novice) in the province of Lyon and was at the scholasticat in Jersey in 1914. Receiving a Licencie es Lettres in 1911, he was professor of letters and supervisor in various Jesuit colleges in England and in Italy most notably in Bollengo. He was a former student of the St Ignace College in Marseille, history student at the faculty of letters of the Catholic Institute of Paris 1904-5 and 1910-11.

There were 5 brothers from the Gailhard-Bancel family who fought - three were killed and one wounded, The funeral of the the three brothers was celebrated at Valence Cathedral in 16 Aug 1921 and they were buried the next day at Allex, Drome in the family crypt/grave.

Reported missing in action 12 Dec 1914, his body was found in August 1921.

His name appears on numerous memorials in France, but he and his two brothers are buried in the family grave/crypt/caveau at Allex, Drome and they are also listed on the the war memorial there.

His brothers, who died, were Marie Roch Adrien Pierre De Gailhard-Bancel (died in 1914 at St Baussant) and Joseph Marie Roch Louis De Gailhard-Bancel (died in 1918 at Sezanne). His father was deputé de l'Ardeche 1899-1910.

André de Gailhard-Bancel was awarded Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur posthume & Croix de guerre avec palme et etoile d'argent

© Lara Pollard 2020